Wellness Testing & Coaching

At Health & Sport Works

Our Goal Is To...

For both the individual and the organization.

A well-run wellness program will provide your company with distinct advantages.

A wellness program is a strategic investment in a system that over time will bring lower expenses. It’s simple, healthy employees are happier and more productive employees.

A wellness program can take on many forms. It could be simply offering educational information to employees. You may want to help employees understand their current state of fitness and provide coaching for improvement. Or you may want to go all-in and offer an on-site fitness facility and trainers. Odds are that your employees are the most valuable assets to your company, and workplace wellness programs should matter to you.







With several tools

at our disposal, we can generate recommendations

for behavior and lifestyle changes that will benefit not only the health of the company, but the health of the participants. 

Health And



With the support and guidance of a health coach, practical, measurable and attainable goals are identified and an action plan is designed to support the desired outcome.



Wellness Program

Your business is unique, and you need a unique wellness plan to match. Our custom programs reflect you corporate culture and address your specific needs to maintain health of your organization.




Fitness centers are more than just places to exercise. They can be the centerpiece of  a community and should  meet the individual needs of each member. These needs can range from newfound fitness goals, health, achievement, social connections, and adventure.

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